Online Blackshirts, McCarthyists and Pony Lovers

Since I’m in the weeds of research for a couple upcoming posts, I thought I’d lighten things up a bit (lighten up here referring to a general reduction of the amount of reading and information synthesis required to make cogent points). Over the last two years I’ve been in the unfortunate position to watch someone I used to talk to with frequency change from a well-intentioned, historically aware libertarian to a proud, self-identified pro-Trump fascist. At this point I follow them on Facebook for the window they provide in to the memes of the “Deplorables”.

There’s a storied tradition of edgelordery on the Internet by the Internet. “I did it for the lulz” has been used to handwave away the consequences of shitty online behavior since Usenet. But unlike many of the mythological trickster gods whose employment of bizarre or contradictory methods was key to imparting secret knowledge through provocation, online trolls are naught more than human beings.  Psychological studies have shown that at the heart of trolling is disinhibition. Though they may use the Janus mask of online persona and irony, the best interpretation of their behavior is to take the admittedly counter-intuitive approach of treating what they have to say with some seriousness (inasmuch as it reveals something about how the troll really feels).

If most of your interactions are inside your own bubble, it can be hard to believe that what you’re looking at is real. The November Surprise may have shaken that conviction, but convictions die hard. The sampling of pages the person I follow on Facebook likes and shares I’m about to show you isn’t intended to be a GREAT REVELATION so much as to reinforce how rank the stench is in the fetid swamp of the Alt-Right.

Imperial Truth
Defining Feature(s): A strong love of Donald Trump and the Roman Imperium, which the Italian Fascist regime mythologized to suit their own purposes.
Recent Post:

Recent Comment: [Woman whose friend tagged her on a pro-Trump post]: “What is this why do you keep tagging me you are obnoxious”
Conclusion: The person or people who run Imperial Truth actually want America to be the second coming of the Imperium. Remember, that happened after Rome was no longer a republic.

Defining Feature(s): A strong dislike of communists, an even stronger desire to throw them out of helicopters, a love of Senator Joseph McCarthy and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
Recent Post:

Recent Comment: “Throw them from all of the helicopters.”
Conclusion: They evince a great desire to destroy the left… from the skies.

Defining Feature(s): Promotes violence against protestors, women and anyone they don’t agree with. I’m talking death squads here.
Recent Post:

Recent Comment: “Natural law cannot be outrun, it will eventually be restored in due time. Whether it’s 10 years or 150 years from now, these types of individuals will be lined against the wall and shot like dogs not simply because they hold and express views or opinions differing from anyone else’s, but because their views and the expression of them defy the cosmic order and the natural laws in place that govern this universe. Natural law will find a vessel to restore the balance. It could be through politics, diplomacy and reasoning, or it will be through sheer bloodshed. But it will happen, just like always.”
Conclusion: If they can tear themselves away from their computers and go outside they could be a problem.

Edgy Memes and Fashy Dreams 2: The Führer’s Body Double
Defining Feature(s): Not beating around the bush, racism/xenophobia, global imperialism. As the title implies, the most edgelord-y of the bunch.
Recent Post:

Recent Comment: “W for WHAITE POAWER!”
Conclusion: Wait, so Trump has a mutant frog army?

It Was My Privilege
Defining Feature(s): Virulent antisemetism, homophobia and sexism. Notably, IWMP posts have been shared by several other edgelords on the list.
Recent Post: “Everyone go dislike and flag the House of Air – Brendan Maclean video on Jewtube for literally having graphic homo pornography. They aren’t even hiding their degeneracy anymore. Prep the ovens.”
Recent Comment:  “They won’t stop until the last remains of western values are annihilated.”
Conclusion: If the endless images of crook-nosed Jews are anything to go by, the fascists who enjoy this page would gladly help kickstart “Holocaust II” themselves.

Fascism Forever Club
Defining Feature(s): About as obvious at it can get.
Recent Post:

Recent Comment: “I’ve heard rumours Donald Trump is going to hire 4chan, Kek worshippers to initiate a historical review of the so called holocaust”
Conclusion: You saw the swastika cake.

My Nationalist Pony
Defining Feature(s): There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Bronies (If not [and you have the time {and you hate yourself}], the documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony is currently free to view on YouTube). Anyway, My Nationalist Pony loves that and white supremacy.
Recent Post: “It’s important to remember that most of the foes in MLP are simply Other Ponies, who for whatever reason are prepared to destroy or damage the trust that hold society together for their own ends. This varies between low-level shysterism like Trixie to industrialists like Flim and Flam. Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks as well had villains that succeeded mainly through social manipulation and destroying the mutual trust by setting different social types against each other. The central message of the show is that Friendship and trust forged through experience and mutual understanding are paramount in having a livable, sane society. At a very basic level, the ability to trust to a high level those around you is integral to pony (white) society. Trademark show baddies exploit this trust and destroy society n the bargain. Merchant-capitalists Flim & Flam sold gimmicky, useless ‘tonics’, and Trixie paraded as a potential saviour, only to fail miserably when a real threat popped her ego balloon. When these hacks are exposed and you shine the light of truth on them, they scatter like roaches. Trixie & Co are summarily expelled from Ponyville.

In Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, the villains actually succeed.

When Hitler came to power – Yes, Hitler, the ultimate baddie, the only permissable baddie, the evil upon which all other evils are rated – The psychological health of the German people improved immeasurably, because their sense of self was restored. The shame of losing a world war and the humiliation of Versailles was cast away as one man unapologetically stood for the health of his people as a whole, and the Germans chose to rally behind him because he stood for the self esteem of the German people, so they could live as truly suited them; instead of being caught in the nightmare of the dying Weimar republic. Remember at this time, Germans were lucky if they had spoons to eat out of dustbins with. Jewish businesses boomed and the sexual marketplace was a depraved free-for-all. The German people were utterly brought to their knees by economic and moral aggressions against them within their homeland, and WWI veterans were fighting running street battles with hardline communists, who wanted to run the country further into the ground. Posters read ‘Hitler: Our Only Hope’ – Something that in our super-ironic culture today is probably considered laughable and disgusting, but at the time meant something real, and gave people hope. Hitlers ascension, before his flaws got the better of him and he decide to try and dominate Europe rather than unite it, was that he stood for the German people to be able to live according to who they really were (a lesson which sadly he did not apply to the Ukrainians). This was before as Netanyahu says, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem told him to turn 6 million jews into lampshades.”
Recent Comment: “various, well-written articles, cute pictures of Ponies”
Conclusion: The Nazi behind this has too much time on their hands and appears to be radically misinterpreting a children’s show. Unless friendship = fascism, in which case Fascism is Magic.

(Year Zero/Day Seventeen)

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