Alex Jones: Not a Little Monster

Alex Jones had a lot to say about Lady Gaga (and meat dresses, and sports, and Bush Sr., and the Vatican and… Moon Swallowing?) and took to his Facebook page to say it.

Among his prediction of the machine uprising and his allusions that Roman inspired Dome buildings are meant to look like pink milky breasts, Jones came for Mother Monster, comparing her meat dress shenanigans and stage theatrics to Satanic rituals.  To him, the whole spectacle is meant as a form of domination, and that Lady Gaga intends to “squat on top of [us] and basically piss all over [us].”

Well I certainly don’t know if Gaga’s intention was to piss on us.  Maybe she thought our president was going to make an appearance and she wanted him to be comfortable.

But look, let’s not fight.  We all might have more in common than we think.  Look at Gaga and Jones.  They both have devoted fans, and I wouldn’t want to mess with either of them.  Especially Jones’.

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