Beyond The Infernal Light

The West Wing also uses the chaos as a tactical weapon, believing that the flurry of early-morning presidential tweets, controversial statements during the afternoon briefing and surprise executive actions work to keep their adversaries, the media and others off balance.

If chaos is a weapon, the first twenty-six days of the new administration have been equivalent to a nuclear strike. From outside the blast zone, we all saw the detonation. The light was so bright nothing else was permitted to penetrate our field of vision. But as the inferno dims we begin to remember our surroundings.

Such is the case with General Michael Flynn’s inglorious exit from the National Security Apparatus. It’s less interesting for suggesting widening fissures in the Trump administration than for how it refocuses our attention on the shocking breadth and depth of Trump & Co.’s entanglement with Russia.

What’s more, it suggests portions of the much-maligned Trump-Russia Dossier may be true. It occurred to our shadowy cabal that if some of its claims are verifiable, the whole damn document might be gospel truth. Five minutes of Photoshop magic later and we had…

I know. It seems our cabal is comprised of 12-year-olds.

(Year Zero/Day Twenty-Six)

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