Jackie Evancho on Trump: “I just want to enlighten him.”

Jackie Evancho, arguably most known for performing the national anthem at 45’s Inauguration despite the massive boycott against the event, has spoken up about the new administration’s decision to rollback a federal guidance aimed to protect trans students.

The guidance was issued by that last guy (Remember that guy?  Oh Holy RuPaul, where is that guy?), and ensured that transgender students would be allowed access to restrooms that matched their gender identity.  Unfortunately, our beloved citrus hobgoblin & company are taking that away.

Evancho, who has a trans sister, has tweeted Donny a couple of times, asking to meet with him, and also appeared on Good Morning America with her sister, Juliet.  “I just want to enlighten him on what I’ve seen my sister go through every single day in school and people just like her what they deal with,” She said on the program.  “The discrimination, it’s terrible.”

Evancho received a lot of criticism over her decision to sing at the Inauguration, most especially because of the expected attacks from the administration against the LGBT community.  She maintains that her decision to sing for the enemy wasn’t political and that she wanted to perform for her country.

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