The Counterresistance

Concerning the just-concluded Conservative Political Action Conference, a plurality of reportage went to CPAC’s dis-invitation of Milo Yiannopoulos (and his subsequent career meltdown), the expulsion of Richard Spencer from the Gaylord, Bannon/Preibus’ awkward touch moment and the miraculous physical manifestation of Dear Leader among the worshipful masses.

Which is fine. Most — other than the implicitly homophobic reactions some commentators applied to Steve and Reince’s clear gut-level discomfort with each other — are worth discussion. Yiannopoulos’ situation in particular evinces the power antifascist organizing can have in blowing up the platforms of odious human beings.

But it seems few gave much heed to another development – the National Rifle Association’s professed willingness to be Trump’s squadristi.

NRA wants you — yes, you — to know they fight back. The resistance to Trump has not gone unnoticed, and they are Trump’s Army, the self-declared counterresistance.

Would it surprise you to learn the much admired (by us) Ruth Ben-Ghiat predicted as much a few day ago?

It shouldn’t. Nothing is surprising any more.

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