American Gays Not Safe… And it’s 2017.

Earlier this week the LGBTQ community in Missouri took a hit when their state senators batted down a proposal to ban discrimination in their state based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Democratic state Sen. Jill Schupp proposed the amendment and, while I’m sure she was dissapointed, with a senate of almost three times as many Reps as Demis, she couldn’t have been surprised.  I mean, at this point when injustice seems to seep into the law in all fields and you swear you hear the theme music to that cool-to-play-but-terrible-to-actually-live-in video game from 2006 or whatever playing in the back of your head, what else are you going to expect?

The amendment proposed what basically was a “Hey-There-Yeah-Stop-Firing-Us” kind of measure.  Unfortunately, according to the majority of Senators, such a measure was just asking for too much.  It lost 20-10.

Senator Schupp asked that the measure be added to an uglier, more evil bill that was trying to make it more difficult for Missouri employees to sue for discrimination.  Those in favor of the bill argued that it’s too easy to sue for discrimination in Missouri.  They felt that the bill would remedy the amount of those cases, which I think is an interesting idea, cuz, like, what if you just cut back on the discrimination instead?  #problemsolver #tonguepop

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