A Foregone Conclusion

It should be obvious Senate Democrats aren’t holding back a knockout punch against Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing. Lacking spine or overly incriminating evidence, Dems are relying on the usual performative questioning about issues important to their voter base.

Roe v. Wade? Check.
The Voter Rights Act? Was there ever a doubt?
Citizens United? You betcha.

The problem isn’t that any of these issues are trivial. The problem is that Democrats are impotent. They can’t make hay out of a new president whose approval rating has already sunk to 37 percent (approval of his Twitter habits have sunk substantially lower, to 16 percent). Their electoral strategy relies almost entirely on their political opponents being comic book villains. Voters will at some point have to give them back the keys, whence they can make largely symbolic progress on some social issues as prisons overcrowd, military spending and actions proceed unchecked and Capital bleeds the poor dry.

The GOP successfully obstructed Barack Obama’s replacement of Antonin Scalia with Merrick Garland for the last ten months of his second term. With Gorsuch, Democrats won’t even hold out ten days.

Friends of Neil Gorsuch should feel free to order their congratulatory fruit baskets.

(Year Zero/Day Sixty-One)

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