In The Radioactive Fallout, Gorsuch Confirmed

I’ll admit I was hard on Democrats when I last wrote about the impending confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. I predicted they couldn’t hold Gorsuch off for ten days. They were able to delay his appointment by six additional days. Never trust a prognosticator who appears convinced of their own rightness.

After Democratic Senators proceeded with “ceaseless blathering with a point” (some may call it filibustering), Mitch McConnell and his GOP cadre triggered the long-dreaded Nuclear Option, allowing the Senate to approve the nominee with a simple majority vote.

A nuclear device has been detonated  in our capitol. In the the Wasteland of D.C., survivors struggle to make it through another day using only their wits, their Pip-Boy 3000s and whatever weapons they can salvage. Commerce, such as it exists, is carried out with Nuka-Cola bottle caps. Super mutants may attack trading caravans without warning. Life is ceaseless torment.

Meanwhile, the well-guarded compound that is 1 First Street, NE welcomes its newest resident. He should get along famously with the constitutional originalists. They don’t have television or radios – those came along after the Founding Fathers had passed on – so he’ll be able to enjoy peace and quiet amidst the tumult of the outside world.

(Year Zero/Day Seventy-Eight)

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