The Threat Of A Government Shutdown, Marxism v. IdPol, And More

It’s refreshing to see the Democrats being the ones to threaten a government shutdown for once. Unlike Obama-era Republicans, who were contented to use the abstract idea of federal debt as their justification, Dems have a good reason:

“If Republicans announce their intention to bring their harmful TrumpCare bill to the House Floor tomorrow or Saturday, I will oppose a one-week Continuing Resolution and will advise House Democrats to oppose it as well,” the No. 2 Democratic leader in the House, Steny Hoyer, said in a statement.

Do you want to read a Marxist critique of identity politics? Of course you do! It’s less stuffy that it sounds.

Marine Le Pen’s decision to temporarily step aside as head of the National Front ahead of France’s runoff election does not appear to have fooled anyone.

While we fretted about any number of other terrible things, Jeff Sessions has been quietly preparing to double down on mass incarceration.

What have you done to beef up your defense against far-right doxxing?

The Nation asks if neighborhoods can be revitalized without gentrifying them.

Ireland’s 18 – 34 population is ready to overthrow their government. Wouldn’t be the first time.

What ever happened to all those civil rights-era bigots? The answer may… not surprise you.

So America and NAFTA aren’t breaking up after all. Maybe. Ask again tomorrow.

The United States Senate isn’t taking its investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia seriously.

More than three months after the committee announced that it had agreed on the scope of the investigation, the panel has not begun substantially investigating possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, three individuals with ties to the committee told The Daily Beast.

The investigation does not have a single staffer dedicated to it full-time, and those staff members working on it part-time do not have significant investigative experience. The probe currently appears to be moving at a pace slower than prior Senate Intelligence Committee investigations, such as the CIA torture inquiry, which took years to accomplish.

And now for something completely NBA-related: Russell Westbrook’s sensational season transcended wins and losses.

It’s day ninety-eight of year zero in Trump’s America…

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