An Open Letter To The Stressmonger in Chief

Donald. Donnie. Don. Do.

We’ve heard some troubling news that you’ve been stress eating and feelin’ real lonesome.

On one level, we can empathize. It can be difficult to truly connect to other human beings. We are all islands of mind. And loneliness, compounded by stress, can lead to some poor deitary choices.

On the other hand: Oh, YOU’RE stress eating? We’re all stress eating thanks to you, champ. You’re the one creating the stressful environment in the first place. “Send me to Washington,” you said, “even though I literally have no idea how to govern.” “Those people who are not white and elderly and culturally regressive must be made to suffer.” Et cetera.

Regarding your loneliness, I say tough shit. You know who else is lonely? The families that have been torn apart by your ruthless expansion of ICE apprehensions. Survivors of bombings by American war planes. The loved ones of those who have been killed in the hate crimes that have spiked across the country because you created an atmosphere that emboldened them – people who knew Timothy CaughmanRichard Collins IIIRicky John Best or Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche. The survivors of white supremacist terrorists. Everyone who’s afraid and isolated because of you.

If you weren’t pushing for the re-implementation of your vile travel ban, if you weren’t intent on maximizing the punishment the carceral state can offer, if you weren’t constantly making people afraid for their safety and their lives, if you weren’t a bitter, demagogic, volatile, deeply unpleasant sack of shit? Loneliness would be less of an issue.

There’s nothing wrong with gaining weight. There’s nothing wrong with feeling alone. There is something very wrong with you.

(Year Zero/Day One Hundred and Thirty-Five)

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