LGBTs for Trump Not Really Feeling All These Marches

This past weekend saw numerous marches across the country.  During Pride Month, the multi-faceted face of the LGBT community and their allies has come out in droves to spread a message of strength and a declaration of unity.

The marches – not all pride weekend parades – sent a message to the current administration on its first year:  Don’t bother coming for us, because already see what you are doing, and we’re not in the mood to be messed with this time around.

Some members of the LGBT community have a problem with the marches: specifically, the members that support that 45 guy.  They love the rainbow, but don’t love its seeming partisanship.

As an LGBT 45-Noper that has a platform that may or may not only be read by my family and close friends (Also my husband as soon as he returns from catching that Ampharos) let me acknowledge that Republicanism is not bad.  Conservatism is not bad.  However, that’s not what the marches were protesting.

The LGBT community was letting the world know that we see the actions of the administration.  We marched to oppose the administration because its views don’t line up with ours, not because they were the wrong party.  We were calling out to the world that we would be ready to defend ourselves and all members of the community if the need arose, and as they are arising.

When my husband and I were marching this weekend with that amazing crowd, the energy wasn’t hateful.  It was formidable.  We’re here, we’re queer, and other stuff!

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