Big Ideas, Bad Ideas

From the Department of Big, Bold Ideas: Imagine an impenetrable cyber security unit tasked with safeguarding democratic institutions against the threats of politically motivated hacking. Now envision this as a partnership between two countries with a vast trove of resources and the undeniable ability to influence events on the world stage. This would be a powerful alliance — were the suggested alliance not between the United States and Russia.

* * *

Has the new civil war started yet, or…? If there’s one hiccup in the not-so-secret hopes of the nattering nutcases of nationalism, it’s that the second civil war they’ve been gunning for since they first scored a tattered copy of The Turner Diaries stubbornly refuses to start on their timeline. No matter. Their thinking seems to be if they talk up the worldview that it’s already begun, or is about to begin, and pepper their formentations with ahistorical references to burning down the Bastille, their words will become bullet-riddled flesh. How did the French Revolution eventually pan out for the revolutionaries, anyway? My American public school education precludes me from knowing the answer to that question.

(Year Zero/One Hundred and Seventy-One)

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