“Tough Enough”

So what is “tough enough”? I pose the question because Cheeto Mussolini’s rhetoric is already menacing to the continued existence of countless people in North America and Asia, and though Tillerson, et al. scrambled to do damage control in the aftermath of his “fire and fury” broadside, the president just dumped another can of kerosine on the situation.

What kooky John Wayne bullshit meets the standard of commensurate toughness? “Hey Kim Jong Un, you wanna start something? Let’s go right now! My nuking of your little kingdom will be the greatest nuclear holocaust of all time! I’ll laugh as North Korea’s children are vaporized into shadows!”

Dear Leader Slim Pickens, ladies and gentlemen.

(Year Zero/Day Two Hundred and Three)

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  1. I am a very happy fan of the Green Bay Packers who likes to spread good will about my team and share everything good about our lifestyle. In fact, my friend filthy/homey can borrow my hypothalamus any time he likes. It’s the least I can do to help someone improve. Go Pack Go!


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