In Which We Rail Against The Enemies Of Democracy

A damning mountain of evidence points to the ineluctable conclusion that up to five million votes were fraudulently cast in the last general election. This evidence is being held in an unusual location: the addled minds of 45 and his intensely loyal, reality-denying followers.

But these phantasmagorical vote thieves have made some rethink the regular and judicious application of the democratic process. A new Washington Post/Qualtrics poll shows 52% of self-identified Republicans

would support postponing the 2020 election, and 56 percent said they would do so if both Trump and Republicans in Congress proposed this.

The hand is tipped, the fascistic future partially unfurled. There are people who want to shut you up and keep you down. No amount of well-intentioned reach-across-the-aisle gestures will alter their comfort with denying you the right to vote against the man – and the abhorant ideas swirling around him – they cherish.

(Year Zero/Day Two Hundred and Four)

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  1. Yes. John took his Pro-logos from Philo. We have writings by Philo, nothing by Jesus. I am reading Christ in Egypt…4376554&sr=8-1 and this astrotheological agree to reifies Freke & Gandy’s conclusion, and Albert Schweitzer’s turn-of-the-century view, that Jesus is a collage of several good judgment teachers, but not a historical person. This was held by some of the Gnostics in substitute ways, but even they did not create him a complete myth, but recognized a ‘phantom body,’ as did the Docetists. I have also approach up upon the historical James, who was supposed to say you will over the Church at Rome, rather than Peter. James is supposed to be the biological brother of Jesus. So, there remains the historical notion for the most part.There may with ease be a mystic who provided the kernel upon which the heavily mythologized Jesus was based. Christ in Egypt is densely documented taking into consideration material that leaves little doubt that the personified Sun was equated to the Horus child at introduction (Ra at noon, Osiris at sunset). The Isis cult which proliferated throughout the Greco-Roman world – Isis suckling Horus – was the paradigm for the much difficult Madonna and Child. Isis was called Isis-Mery – Beloved Isis. Meri-Mary-Miriam-Mother-Mater-Matter-Matrix – the Divine Feminine. Rev. John Shelby Spong demythologized Jesus for me bigger than Karl Barth. Freke & Gandy gave one extreme position. Biblical Christianity portrayed the story-line that Spong deconstructed. It matters not if there was a historical Jesus, because even if there was, the appellation “Son of God” takes upon a enormously stand-in meaning surrounded by the Hebrew title for every kings, and the Egyptian astrotheology which relegates personifications to astronomical events. The Ideal portrayed in the canonical and extra-canonical writings taking into consideration regard to Isa-Y’shu-Iesous are sufficient to make Jesus the hope of human development as far as I am concerned.The alternating words reflect a bustle from the most densely instinctive self to the various social and psychological selves that comprise the personality, and correspondingly the ‘soul.’ bearing in mind one rises from the existential realm of the senses in Malkuth (Salt) to the Astral Triangle Hod-Yesod-Netsach, one is in the lunar soul (Sulphur) in which individuality is characteristic, but where Pre-personal drives may dominate the robotic common man. Rising to the Ethical Triangle, genuine individuality emerges as the transcendental “I AM,” which derives its universality from the Supernal Triangle ‘above,’ and which transcends the lunar bearing in mind the solar Heart, the Spirit, Ruach, Christ, Horus (apparently). Symbolized by the Hexagram, the divine flare from ‘on high’ intersects the awashed unconscious realm below. It is the “living water” of the gospels, and probably its feat is the highest meaning of The Philosopher’s stone – that Jewel in the Lotus of the Heart, the Diamond Body of perpetual Consciousness, or perhaps Consciousness of Eternity – a subtle difference.


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