Bannon’s Coda/The Return Of Bannon

Steve Bannon’s temeritous tenure in King Donald’s court reached its coda today after the dark wizard of hate’s malevolence proved a threat to the monarch’s rule. Ser John Kelly, the virtuous servant of King Donald, caught the chaos mage unawares, and with a swing of his thrice-blessed broadsword of MILITARY DISCIPLINE, struck Bannon’s head onto the earth. The tenebrous pall over Donald’s kingdom lifted in that moment, and the smallfolk flooded into the streets in jubilation.

But victory proved to be tenuous.

That night, while the Court fêted Ser John, the Breitbartian necromancers collected Bannon and restored their leader to life through unspeakable rituals. This was nativist magic, blood-and-soil magic, powered by the fury found only in white men’s hearts. Bannon now emanamated an unholy power, a strength unmoored by petty human concerns. He would have his revenge.

If the enemies of the kingdom were going to strike at him like he was a barbarian, it was time to start acting like one.

(Year Zero/Day Two Hundred and Eleven)

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