Oh, Right. Other People.

45 basked in adulation. Everyone in the Lone Star State was so great and loved him unconditionally. What a turnout! He knew then that he’d overseen the greatest hurricane response in the history of disaster relief.

Still, he felt like he was forgetting to do something. What would a normal human do in this situation? He wouldn’t know, because he’d always been extraordinary. Maybe it was actually seeing Harvey’s devestation firsthand?

He didn’t mind not having to get his shoes wet, so that couldn’t be it. What about…? Ah, that was probably it.

President Donald Trump visited Texas to offer his support after Hurricane Harvey, but he didn’t meet with a single victim of the storm…

What did those grimy people want anyway, a hug? They’d just lost everything they’d owned, which automatically made them losers. The Donald didn’t give hugs to losers.

(Year Zero/Day Two Hundred and Twenty-Three)