About Us

Rise Of The Lizard People is just your average shadowy cabal of people who hate fascism and love puppies. We’re also a big deal with the D.C. power elite. Maybe? We hope.

Zzyzx was born Curtis Howe Springer. He divides his time between selling medicinal tonics and communicating to a public hungry for his truths. He currently resides in the Mohave desert.

Lady Fabulous is one of Lady Gaga’s backup dancers. They had their name legally changed to the symbols ☭🏀🐝🌮 several years back and they enjoy listening to people attempt to pronounce it. They can currently be found in a shack on Volcano Island.

Eclectus was one of the conspirators who arranged for the tyrannical Roman emperor Commodus to be assassinated in 192 AD. We’re not sure what he’s doing here. He should have died a long time ago.

Whiteside is the nom de guerre of Joy Mendelsohn, a Reform Rabbi based out of Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys photography and working on her novel.

ThePiedSpicer is White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Fed up with the false front he was forced to adopt per the demands of his high-profile job, he approached us so he could finally say what he really thinks. He firmly believes Dippin’ Dots are not the ice cream of the future.

Servitor is a servitor.

Commissar is a Russia-based agent saboteur sent by Vladimir Putin to undermine any remaining faith the electorate has in the Democratic Party. We’ve been too afraid of him to pin down his real name because he said he’d have us all sent to Siberia if we asked again.

You don’t need the help of Captain Obvious to figure out who Capitaine Évidente is.

Guss the Inimitable Lizard-Man serves as ROTLP’s public editor. At least until mankind’s enslavement is total or us upjumped apes send him packing.