A Song For The Times

The Mountain Goats’ Rain in Soho is not a summer jam.

In great swaths of the United States, the sun is trying to kill us. In others, it only wants to char and dehydrate. Our society is a mess. Nothing seems true anymore and there’s a rising feeling of dread.

You know the Mountain Goats’ whole vibe, yeah? Not a cheery crew. That the name of their new album is Goths should be enough proof of that. Rain In Soho won’t be the song everyone chants in packed stadiums, but its power goes deeper. It captures the feeling of this summer, this year, this moment in history.

(Year Zero/Day One Hundred and Fifty-Six)

“Time To Wake Up”

It’s Sunday night and you’re consumed with malaise thinking about the wage slavery to come. Philosopher Alan Watts has sagacious advice to help you cope with your dilemma, and YOB has heavy riffage and throaty growls. From their 2014 album Clearing the Path to Ascend, we offer for your consideration “In Our Blood”.