On Making Yourself Heard

At Rise of the Lizard People, we encourage people to make their voices heard as the state of the world degrades past all semblance of order.

There are a number of ways to do this. For some, the best expression of their discontent is giving serious consideration to joining the Democratic Party apparatus or running for political office. For example, Emily’s List reports a surge in potential female candidates wanting to infiltrate all levels of government since the inauguration. For others, their energies are best spent appealing to the people they know who are still on the fence about what’s going down. Yet others take to the streets to march for the causes they believe in or even set up/join their local Antifa.

These are all valid responses to the situation. The success of any movement depends on a diversity of tactics, and it’s heartening to see folks with left-leaning views engaging with their political system in a way that goes far beyond showing up at the ballot box every two to four years.

Our shadowy cabal finds writing polemics to be a grand way to sway opinions — or, failing that, to make sense of the utter absurdity of the situation. A good act of writing can help sharpen and refine ideas, as well as establishing connections with like-minded individuals.

Have you ever considered traveling down the latter path and writing about current events? It’s easier than you think. Setting up a WordPress or Tumblr account takes all of five minutes. And if you don’t know what to start with, we’ve prepared a generic reaction template to help you get the ball rolling:

Well, Trump’s gone and done it again. With no regard for human rights, he [nuked the moon/signed America over to Vladimir Putin/summoned an eldritch being into this plane on live television, then removed his human skin suit].

We should all be outraged. The only thing to do now is [apologize to the surviving moon men/learn Russian/cover our ears in hope that the eldritch being’s wails won’t drive us to madness or servitude].

Modify the template as needed. See how easy it can be?

If you’re already a skilled writer, why not Zoidberg? ROTLP is open to working with new collaborators. Who knows what might happen if you send us a brief message at riseofthelizardpeople [at] protonmail [dot] com? Please include information about yourself and the topics that interest you the most (examples: antisemitism, law, borscht recipes). And no, we’re not kidding about the borscht.

(Year Zero/Day Thirty-Nine)