Wanna Hear A Joke?

The Democratic Party.

That’s it. That’s the entire joke.

A party that currently goes out of its way to suppress anything that inspires political passion in the electorate is continually surprised by its many shameful losses.

Relying on an electoral strategy that can best be summed up as “the other party’s candidate is more odious than I am”, they’re resting their Trump-era hopes on wins in Republican strongholds.

Fantacism is not a winning strategy.

After Barry Goldwater’s devastating loss to Lyndon Johnson in the 1964 presidential election, the conservative grassroots of the GOP began reshaping the party in their image from the ground up, culminating in the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan.

Barring the emergence of a viable third party (ha!), Democrats only need to wait, what, 14 – 16 years for everything to sort itself out? 2032 is going to be a great year for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Fandom predicts Chelsea Clinton (Senator of New York) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Governor of California) will duke it out for your affection.

(Year Zero/Day One Hundred and Fifty-Two)

How low do you have to sink to lose an election in this country? Republicans have been trying to answer that question for years. But they’ve been unable to find out, because Democrats somehow keep failing to beat them.

There is now a sizable list of election results involving Republican candidates who survived seemingly unsurvivable scandals to win higher office.

The lesson in almost all of these instances seems to be that enormous numbers of voters would rather elect an openly corrupt or mentally deranged Republican than vote for a Democrat. But nobody in the Democratic Party seems terribly worried about this.

Unsurprisingly, the disintegrating Trump bears a historically low approval rating. But polls also show that the Democratic Party has lost five percentage points in its own approval rating dating back to November, when it was at 45 percent.

The Democrats are now hovering around 40 percent, just a hair over the Trump-tarnished Republicans, at 39 percent. Similar surveys have shown that despite the near daily barrage of news stories pegging the president as a bumbling incompetent in the employ of a hostile foreign power, Trump, incredibly, would still beat Hillary Clinton in a rematch today, and perhaps even by a larger margin than before.

If you look in the press for explanations for news items like this, you will find a lot of them. Democrats may have some difficulty winning elections, but they’ve become quite adept at explaining their losses.

–Matt Taibbi, The Democrats Need a New Message

Resistance, Meet Your Leader

In the course of our analysis of Donald Trump’s first hundred days, ThePiedSpicer had this to say about the president’s political opposition:

I disagree on organization. I think it’s more a lack of a leader. You can’t watch all the political protests, marches and town halls and say there isn’t organization.

What luck, then, that shortly after this critique, the Resistance found its leader… if the meaning of “found its leader” here means “had a claim of membership foisted upon it by the same person whose poor campaigning and glaring mistakes led to a Trump presidency in the first place”.

But who better to lead the battle against Trump than Hillary Clinton? Some of the 22 Democrats considering running for president in 2020?

Why would you even suggest that? Aren’t you with her?

(Year Zero/Day One Hundred And Three)

Fucking Kids And Their Socialism!

In the shitstorm haze of recent political events, you might have blinked and missed the unscripted encounter in which young college student Trevor Hill asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (avowed neoliberal technocrat) the following:

“According to a Harvard University poll last May, 51% of young voters between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer support capitalism. The Democratic Party inarguably failed to inspire young leftists during this election cycle, who voted in overwhelming numbers for the farther left candidate during the presidential primary elections … What is the Democratic Party going to change going forward in order to capture and inspire the new generations of leftists who feel as though the party is failing to stand up for left wing economic values?”

(Trevor was citing this study.)

The exchange was off-script. He was supposed to ask a personal question, some garbage about HBO’s “Veep” or something, but Trevor decided to ignore that and ask a real question to the dismay of CNN. None of that is what matters, nor Nancy Pelosi’s “Sorry, we’re capitalists” response. What is significant is that a generation of young people – while being told they’re lazy, entitled and straight up baffling to this asshole – face a reality of lower wage jobs, greater competition for those shitty jobs, and far less economic security and social mobility than their parents experienced.

After the event, Trevor Hill ended up joining a socialist organization (The DSA – which saw a rise in membership during the Bernie momentum) and I would speculate he wont be alone. The god-awful 2016 election presented us with 1) neoliberal technocracy, and with it more militarist imperialist actions in the Mid-East, and expansed competition for low-wage jobs (see the TPP) and 2) a festering white supremacist/pro-rape orange-coated fascism. Nancy Pelosi thought we should have been excited about those options?

The old neoliberal order died the moment Obama stepped out of the Oval Office. We have witnessed this openly fascistic administration bluster past such roadblocks as legality and morality. Simultaneously, it turns out those youngsters might have figured out this is a stupid system that empowers white supremacy, unleashes outright terror on women, trans and immigrant people, and will leave them poor, uninsured and blocked out of a good education. But all that lefty shit aside, fucking humanity is at stake.

As he watch fascism emerge in his own country, Antonio Gramsci wrote that “the old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born; now is the time of monsters.” But worry not. This is the time of monsters for sure – but we know heroes emerge as well.