Spring Is A Time Of Renewal

Symbolically, the Spring Equinox is about rebirth, resurrection and renewal. Of this mystical time of transformation, Crystalinks tells us

The soul awakens from the sleepy (depression) of winter and seeks nourishment on many levels. The warmth of the sun (god) awakens something within us, a new quest generally begins, as if by synchronicity. More hours of daylight propel most souls to move forward, to make needed changes. It is almost an internal drive. It’s all about finding a way to exist in our reality while facing changing dynamics as another chapter begins.

Gurdjieff Dominican tells us 

It is believed by many ancient cultures, that the coming of “spring” removes any negative energy accumulated over the dark winter months and prepares the home for the positive growing energy of spring and summer.

and FBI Director James Comey tells us

“The F.B.I., as part of our counterintelligence effort, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 president election,” he continued, adding that the investigation included looking at whether associates of Mr. Trump were in contact with Russian officials, and whether they colluded with them.

renewing concern and speculation that the Trump administration is fatally compromised two months after assuming power. Spring truly is a special season.

(Year Zero/Day Sixty)