The Numbers Game

Over at The Atlantic, Clare Foran asks if anti-Trump protests are losing steam. While the “Tax March” failed to draw the numbers of the Inauguration Day protests or the Women’s March, it also a) took place on Passover week/Easter weekend, b) made the release of the president’s tax returns its central focus, an issue of import that nonetheless lacks the power to galvanize a million-plus people to storm the capital and c) is occurring nearly three months into Trump’s presidency.

The aforementioned early January protests were a reaction to the very idea that the man was in the White House. That idea has been absorbed and accepted as reality, no matter how unpleasant. Public opposition will ebb and flow. People have lives they must attend to. The next time Donald does something truly, truly, truly outrageous, turnout to demonstrations will likely reflect this.

(Year Zero/Day Eighty-Eight)