State Of The Alt-Right

Donald Trump’s newfound interest in “helping” Syrians has driven the Alt-Right into a tizzy. He’s a puppet, a cuckservative, and a bitterly disappointing daddy. Alex Jones is blathering on about betrayal and false flag operations meant to drive the nation into war. Richard Spencer led an anti-war rally where protesters were chanting slogans like “we want walls, not war!”

Will these trolls come back around to “daddy”? Ideally, no. Ideally, the feedback loop is broken, and paranoid conspiracy theories and pro-genocide talk are no longer a staple of the president’s intellectual diet. And yet it beggars belief to think nothing could bring the Alt-Right and Trump back together.

(Year Zero/Day Seventy-Nine)

Our Shifting Landscape

As is often the case during the first 100 days of a new administration, observing the rapid changes can feel akin to discovering the solid ground you thought you stepped onto is actually quicksand.


There are awful but politically predictable moves, such as Trump’s reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule, as well as (depending on who you ask) theoretically beneficial actions like his abandonment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership/pending executive order to renegotiate NAFTA.

Then there are news items that should be reassuring but aren’t: Trump’s “rocky first weekend” is troubling even to his aides. “Maybe this job will be too much for The Donald to do much damage,” you secretly hope to yourself before remembering that Warlord Pence and his cadre of christian supremacists are one resignation away from absolute power.

But what is fermenting beneath the surface should cause the greatest concern about the direction we seem to be heading. Many of the 230 protesters arrested during Inauguration Day face felony rioting charges that could bring prohibitive fines and up to 10 years in prison. This is a highly unusual step, but adheres to the administrations views on dissent and amped-up police state rhetoric.

In the House of Representatives, H.R. 193 – American Sovereignty Act of 2017 is worming its way through the Foreign Affairs committee. If passed and signed into law, the United States would withdraw from the United Nations.

Richard Spencer, the actual Nazi with the best Backpfeifengesicht since Ted Cruz, is calling for the formation of an alt-right vigilante force. Nice brownshirt… er, coat there, Richard.

Returning to yesterday’s theme of the concerted effort to make fantasy and reality liminal, conspiracymonger Alex Jones is bragging that Donald Trump told him his show is “the main operating system of the rebirth of the American republic.” But Jones is only one solider in a shadow army of sycophants waging psychological warfare on reporters – and by extension, those who depend on their accurate assessment of the situation.

It’s day four of year zero in Trump’s America…