Senate Slowdown Monday, No Recess For Poor Performers, And More

If Senate Republicans insist on working on their health care bill in secret, Democrats will do everything in their power to protest this turn of events. Their limited, limited power…

Democrats can grind the Senate to a virtual halt, and that’s what they plan to do beginning Monday afternoon as they protest the GOP secretive push to revamp the nation’s health-care system.

Under the direction of Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Democrats will begin using parliamentary tactics to disrupt the ordinary business of the Senate, including blocking requests for unanimous consent to consider nominees and legislation and preventing committees from holding hearings that last longer than two hours. In the evening, Democratic senators will hold the floor to deliver speeches assailing Republicans for writing and debating their health-care bill behind closed doors.

Having accomplished little of value so far this year, Congress is considering cancelling its August recess.

Remember when liberals pinned their hopes on Ivanka’s moderating influence on her father because she’s a decent human being or something? LOL.

The only way to get the president to care about HIV is to temporarily rename the virus ‘Donald Trump’.

Have you ever wondered what anarchists will admit in private but never publically repeat?

Hail Satan.

Your monthly reminder from The Intercept to wet yourself in fear:

Indeed we should be prepared for security shocks to be exploited as excuses to increase the rounding up and incarceration of large numbers of people from the communities this administration is already targeting: Latino immigrants, Muslims, Black Lives Matter organizers, climate activists, investigative journalists. It’s all possible. And in the name of freeing the hands of law enforcement to fight terrorism, Attorney General Jeff Sessions would have the excuse he’d been looking for to do away with federal oversight of state and local police, especially those that have been accused of systemic racial abuses.

And there is no doubt that the president would seize on any domestic terrorist attack to blame the courts. He made this perfectly clear when he tweeted, after his first travel ban was struck down: “Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system.” And on the night of the London Bridge attack, he went even further, tweeting: “We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!” In a context of public hysteria and recrimination that would surely follow an attack in the U.S., the kind of courage we witnessed from the courts in response to Trump’s travel bans might well be in shorter supply.

And now for some news that has nothing to do with America:

An orthodox priest allied with Vladimir Putin has a very special message about beard care. The Kremlin, meanwhile, has been dealing with the first concerted anti-corruption protests in five years.

Tunisia’s national railway has opened an investigation into whether a hungry conductor stopped his train to buy peaches.

China’s supercomputers are still super.

The Macaroon made out well in France’s parliamentary elections, though turnout was lower than the presidential elections now that the spectre of Lady Hitler has been vanquished.

It’s day one hundred and fifty-one in Donald Trump’s America…

It Was The Brat-Best Of Times, It Was The Brat-Worst Of Times

My heart goes out hard-working, YHWH-fearing, paisley-tied, red-blooded Americans like Dave Brat. Dave valiantly rose above his hardscrabble roots of being born into a middle class family, earning a Ph. D in economics, working as a consultant for the World Bank and serving as chair of Randolph–Macon College’s School of Economics to unseat the RINO Congressman from Virginia Eric Cantor during the Tea Party revolt of 2011.

Brat, along with his T.P. compatriots in the House, fought the good fight against the federal government operating with a functioning budget, people with pre-existing conditions keeping their insurance, women having access to reproductive services, the LGBTQ community being treated like they’re not morally defective and refugees from war-torn countries being given safe harbor.

But now, Brat faces his most dangerous enemy yet: women who don’t agree with him politically.

Representative Dave Brat of Virginia, a Tea Party tough guy, said recently that he’s “getting hammered” by women who want to keep Obamacare. They are getting “in my grill,” he said. “They come up — ‘When’s your next town hall?’ ” … His tormentors responded with plans for a symbolic “grilling” of “Brat-Worst” in front of his office.

One wonders if the hammers these angry women wield are closer to Mjölner or Maker. Either way, it sounds like the poor man is suffering right now. Faced with explosive populist rage, the kind he liked when it helped him and later Donald Trump get elected, Brat acted like a tough guy and

rejected holding town halls until “our first 100 days’ agenda is implemented.” … Republicans are squirming from coast to coast. The biggest draw is the Affordable Care Act, whose supporters are following the Tea Party playbook and storming legislator meetings much as anti-Obamacare protesters did in 2009. It’s a harrowing turn of the screw for legislators who rode that fervor into office.

Please keep Rep. Brat in your thoughts and prayers. He and his allies in Congress have been subjected to a truly harrowing experience.

(Year Zero/Day Twenty-Five)