Queercore: Movement of the Soul or Movement of the Sole?

Recently, Gucci released a cool new line of shoe wear.  The line is called “Queercore“, borrowing the name from the queer-focused movement that emerged from the punk scene in the early 1980s.  The main theme is totally hot, consisting of a smattering of buckles, chunky charms, lace, and black.  Like a ton of black.

One would assume that Gucci was paying tribute to the movement that inspired the name, and if that was the case then Gucci might deserve a little praise.  The problem with the name is that Gucci’s new shoewear line, while fabulous, used the name without asking anybody.

The name Queercore was first penned by G.B. Jones and Bruce LaBruce and can be traced back to their zine, J.D’s.  According to Jones, the term Queercore was taken without being asked.  “They stole it, plain and simple,” Says Jones.  “It’s theft.”  Shady, Gucci.  Shady indeed.