I can’t think of a better candidate for flipping to Robert Mueller than Reince Priebus. Here’s a political functionary that never fit into the White House, was demeaned by his boss with nicknames like “Reincey”, forced to carry Trump’s brackish water and, after months of humiliating reports of his immanent demise, was given the ax to make way for John Kelly.

Priebus might have an ax of his own to grind.

(Year Zero/Day Two Hundred and Seventy)

Reince In Priebus

A simple calculation to help explain what happened to the White House’s now former Chief of Staff:

Trump says of former POW John McCain “I like people who weren’t captured” during the campaign + John McCain becomes the deciding vote in the Senate’s push to pass Trumpcare by any means neccessary + the president probably yells at the Senator for 20 minutes over the phone early Friday morning, leading McCain to give the thumbs down in Senate chambers, effectively killing the GOP’s 7-year dream of legislatively killing Obamacare + Trump has wanted to replace Reince Priebus for some time now + the failure of healthcare reform throws Donald into a mad rage and he needs to blame someone else = Reince Priebus is given the boot and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly gets to be the new whipping boy for 45’s innumerable failures.

Dead Priebus Walking, Privatized Air Traffic, And More

Nobody likes Reince Priebus. The names of candidates for his replacement as chief of staff are bandied about openly, his boss doesn’t respect him as a peer, and he’s temperamentally ill-suited for the demands of the position. The only reason he still comes into work every day is

There are few takers for what might be an unworkable gig. He stays in the office until late at night and often toils away on the weekend with little control of what ultimately happens.

The orange goblin’s latest inane scheme involves attempting to privatize air traffic control.

Activists from other authoritarian countries have some advice for the anti-Trump resistance.

Surprise! Bill Maher says shitty things and constantly punches down on Real Time! That’s not really a surprise, is it?

Having survived the latest UK terror attack, Londoner Richard Angell will resolutely continue to drink gin and flirt with men.

Let’s put the myth of kindly old General Lee to rest.

Militants, hard left edition:

Redneck Revolt is just one among a handful of left-wing groups that have pledged to resist emboldened white supremacists and right-wing extremists through “direct action” that sometimes goes beyond nonviolent protest—including picking up arms. Some see themselves as the heirs of ’60s radicals like the Black Panthers, while others look to the antifa movement for inspiration.

Militants, alt-right edition:

In any crowd of far-right agitators, there’s probably a few who call themselves National Socialists or Klansmen—especially since David Duke has become a Twitter maven. But more prominent online and at the “Free Speech” rallies rippling across the United States are newer “identitarian” groups led by younger men. Identitarians claim allegiance to an ideology that originated in France and calls for an end to multiculturalism, as well as unity among people (and nation-states) of the same ethnic backgrounds. In practice, that looks a lot like racism and xenophobia, but hey, semantics.

The colorful headline of the day award goes to for “Democrats behaving like drunks at a funeral“.

And now for something that that may affect your quality of life: It’s getting crowded in American cities.

It’s day one hundred and thirty-seven in Donald Trump’s America…